Your Benefits

Our benefits program is live.

We strongly believe that remote professionals should enjoy the freedom that comes with remote work, without compromising on benefits, security and growth, on the contrary, we believe remote work should enhance your freedom, empowerment and growth.

We're committed to empower you to build out your personalized benefit packages according to your own needs, based on reward points you'll accrue on the platform (having a complete profile will be one of those actions that will get you benefit points!)


We're hard at work on building our Benefits Marketplace with new partners so be sure to keep an eye out for this. Other benefits that we'd love to bring to you include access to courses, therapy, travel, tax advice, investments and many more!


When logged into your Growmotely profile, click on your Benefits tab and check out the offerings that are now live. 

  • Your Benefit Dollars amount will be visible to you at the top of your Benefits screen when you log into your Growmotely profile.
  • You'll be able to choose from our awesome partners if you'd like to spend your Benefits Dollars.
  • You'll also be able to view a history of your Benefits spend on your profile.

When logged in, navigate to the Benefits tab and click to view an overview of our Benefits Marketplace

Growmotely Benefits - Overview-1


Clicking on View Activities will display a history of your Benefits accrual and debits.

Growmotely Benefits - Account Summary


If you're yet to have an active contract, your Benefits Overview page will display a null value in the USD amount. Remember, this is where your future Benefits Dollars will accrue!


💡 All registered Remote Professional  can take advantage of 20% off our Perk Partners  by using the discount code available on your Benefits Overview page.