Setting up your Company Profile

On your first sign-in after registration, you will be prompted to fill out your company profile. Please tell us about your company and share with us here your company's vision, purpose and values.

When fleshing out your company profile, remember that the expression of your company's vision, purpose and values are of the utmost importance. Providing this information is how you will showcase your culture to candidates, and it will most likely play a substantial role in attracting aligned candidates.

About your Company
This is where you give a brief introduction about your company. You could give an overview of your company's plan, progress and achievement.

Your Company Vision

A company vision describes aspirations for the future – a destination or long-term dream for your organization. This is where you 'paint the picture' of a future worth working towards. It is the 'what'.

Given this, what is the vision for your company?

Your Company Purpose
Your company purpose is the reason you have created your company. It is the 'why'. It should be both personally meaningful and ideally it will be a driver for positive change in the world. It can be general enough to include ancillary and future business activities. 

Given this, what is the purpose of your company?

Your Company Values
Your company values are the ethics and fundamental beliefs that guide your team and help you all function together to achieve a common business goal. These values are often related to business relationships, customer relationships, and / or company growth. It's about how you and your team members 'show up' in the world and at work. Here at Growmotely, we put a premium on company values as we believe these are instrumental in attracting aligned talent for your company.

Given this, what are your company values?

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Your Values statements
After you state your values, you get to describe each of your company values, in detail.


The vertical ribbon on the left of your profile settings page shows a snapshot of your company information and allows you to edit it.

You could click 'Start now' to Get Culture First Certified. This would open up the Subscription Settings page for you to subscribe for the package you'd like. You could do a monthly or annual subscription. If you're not a new user, you could downgrade from an initial package, while a new user could book a demo to understand how Growmotely works. 

You can edit your email address, company address and your contact name; you can also change your password here. You can make your profile public by clicking the 'make profile public' slider. And you are also welcome to input your company website and your company's LinkedIn profile URL. Here, you could also select your business size. When you click the drop down, it gives you different ranges to pick from. We also have a box to help you indicate the industry to which your company belongs.

Part of your profile will be visible to candidates. Candidates will not only be able to see your company website and your company's LinkedIn URL, they will also see your company vision, your company purpose and your company values, as that information is pulled in to each job that you post on our job board.