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Features of your Company Dashboard

We’ve created this dashboard for you so that you can view a variety of important data points on one screen. Amongst other things, this is where you are most easily able to view a list of your hired team members.

Snapshot of profile data on the left ribbon

This section shows a snapshot of your profile section. It showcases your company's vision, purpose, and values. Do note that it is possible to edit your profile from this view. When you click the ‘edit’ button, you will be taken to your profile settings page.  

Question of the day

Growmotely would post some culture questions for your team members to answer once a month. These questions provide you with insight into your team members' interaction with your culture and how happy the team members are. The answer will be reflected in their happiness score. Click on the questions to see your team's comments.

Culture Scores
This is the monthly overall happiness score (expressed as a number between 1 and 10) of the team members in your company. It is the average number of how all of your team members responded to the question, “How happy are you overall, in your role at [COMPANY]?”

Our Team
This is a full list of team members in your company. Here, you can view a team member’s profile by simply clicking his or her name; you can view all team members by clicking ‘See All’ at the bottom of the screen; and you can express your gratitude to team members here by ‘giving them kudos’.
You can ‘give kudos’ by clicking on the ‘Give Kudos’ button that is to the right of each team member in this view. You are also able to read the kudos that each team member has received, by clicking on ‘Read all Kudos’, which is directly under the ‘Give Kudos’ button.

This is a unique feature on our platform that helps you match what you're looking for in your open remote opportunity with applicants that fit and align with your role.
For the automatch feature to perform optimally: 
  • At least one of the skill(s) entered by the applicant should match your job requirement.
  • The applicant's Experience entry should match your job requirement.
  • The applicant's preferred Flex type field should match your job requirement.

Jobs Posted
This section shows the total number of jobs that you have posted and the total number of applicants who have applied for each job. Click the number of jobs posted to see a full list of the jobs that you have posted on our platform; click the total number of applicants to be taken to the Application Board, where you will be able to see at which stage each applicant is currently at.

Upcoming Interviews
Here you can view all of your upcoming interviews and their relevant details in one place. To access the details of all applicants and move them through the stages, click on the Browse Applicants button which will direct you to your Application Board.