How to refresh Growmotely in your browser

If you are having a problem with our application try a "hard refresh" of our application.

Modern web browsers do a great job at caching websites to improve your experience and web application performance but when we release a new version of the Growmotely application you might not get the newest version. This can occasionally cause problems and one solution is to "hard refresh" the page you are on. A hard refresh tells your browser to ignore the cache and go back to our servers and get the newest version of the application. It's easy, here's how!

These are for desktop browsers on Windows and Mac. Instructions for iOS, Android, and Linux will be coming soon!

  • Windows - Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Browser: Press Ctrl+F5 (Or you can try Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • Mac - Chrome or Firefox: Press Shift+Command+R
  • Mac - Safari: It is a two-step process.  First, press Option-Command-E and then press and hold down Command and click Reload in the toolbar.

After you perform the hard refresh, you should see the web page go blank, and reload the page. It will take a little longer than usual because the browser is redownloading all of the data and images from our servers but this should still only take a couple of seconds on most connections.