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Features of your Candidate Dashboard

These features help you view different sections on the platform without necessarily changing tabs. This is where you get to easily upload attachments like your CV/Resume.

Snapshot of profile data on the left ribbon

This section shows a snapshot of your profile section. It has your name, a bit of your experience, your skills, your LinkedIn profile link  and a bit of your previous jobs.

Recent Job Postings

The list of job postings will default to show the most recent job postings at the top. Featured jobs will show up at the top of the list of job postings.


This section displays all previously uploaded documents, such as your CV/Resume,  ID or/and background check document.

✨If you'd like to include your CV/Resume on our platform, when you log in to your Dashboard, to the right of your screen, you'd see the Attachments section with the Upload File button underneath it. Your document should be in PDF format.

Upcoming Interview

All upcoming interviews that have been scheduled by a company will display on this section of your dashboard.


This is where you and the company can communicate on the platform during the recruitment process.


This section allows you to request for a referral to be submitted. You'll also get to see a list of all submitted references here.


All offers made by companies are displayed here. You’ll be able to view your offers and review the details of the role.