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Online interview stage

It's interview time. This is the fourth stage of the recruitment process.

When you move a candidate from the References stage to the Online Interview stage, you're getting closer to completing the recruitment process.

Ideally, you’ll have identified a number of candidates throughout the process who’ve all progressed to this stage and can schedule all your interviews close together. This will help you to compare candidates while it’s fresh (and streamline your process of course).

When you move a candidate to this stage, you'll be prompted to schedule a date and time for the online interview. Our built-in calendar will show up, and you'll be able to pick the date and time that works for you. Then, you'll just need to click to confirm your selection. Once confirmed, you'll get a prompt reading 'Interview scheduled successfully'. That's it, you're done!

💡Note: You can always come back and edit the time in case there's a need. 

After you set the desired date and time, the next step is for you to add a meeting link for the interview. The meeting link will need to be generated in your video conferencing tool of choice (could be Microsoft teams, Google meet, or Zoom). If there's no link added in the respective field, the candidate will only be notified of the progress to the interview stage but won't receive the date and time for the interview. 

Once you've added the link, the start button will get highlighted in red and become clickable. When you click to start the interview at the scheduled date and time, it will bring up the video view for you to start your meeting.

After you've finished the interview,  if you're happy with the candidate and want to move forward with them, all you need to do is move the candidate to the next stage. If, however, you don't want to move forward with the candidate, you can hit decline.