Pre-Screen Questions

This is the first stage of the recruitment process. Paired with your candidate profile, this is your potential employer's first glimpse into who you are.

Answering these questions thoroughly will help the company in question learn more about you, understand why you are interested in the role, and ascertain whether or not you are a good fit for both their organization and the job. This is your chance to really stand out.

When you open the Job Board to view available roles, and you click 'Apply Now' for any given role, you'll be met with a set of questions that the company has preselected. You will need to give written replies to these questions, and also fill out the 'Monthly Salary Expectations (USD)' field.

When you're done answering the questions and putting in your salary expectation for that role, click the 'SUBMIT APPLICATION' button, which should be at the bottom of the page.

The next prompt tells you your application has been successfully submitted.

After your application has been (successfully) submitted, the status button under the 'Action' column  - when you're in the 'Applications' tab that is - should be greyed out. The ball is in the company's court now.

First stage done! 😊