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Portfolio & References Stage

This stage is the third stage of the recruitment process. This is where you get to review the portfolio and references of a candidate that has applied for the role that you posted.

When a candidate gets to this stage, they are halfway through the recruitment process. (Congrats, candidate!) If they have made it this far, chances are you (the company) see significant potential.

This stage is where you get to view the references and portfolio (if they have one) of the candidate. Including a portfolio link in a candidate’s profile is NOT mandatory as we recognize that this is not relevant for some roles. Obtaining references, however, IS mandatory for each and every candidate.

To view the portfolio or references on the Application Board, click ‘View Submission’. Clicking this link will open the candidate’s profile, and you should be able to locate the ‘Reference’ section at the bottom right-hand corner of their profile. Click ‘View Feedback’ for each referee; doing so will allow you to read the references that have been written for the candidate.