Offer & Placement

This is the final stage, where your dream company sends you a job offer!

This is the final stage of our recruitment process and boy is it exciting! Once your background check has been completed, you move to this stage and you receive an offer from the company you have applied to. Your status changes to 'Final Stages', and remains as such until the company sends an offer.

When the company sends through an offer, you will receive an email notification prompting you to review it and your status button should read 'View Offer'.

After reviewing the contract of employment - which you can do by clicking 'View Offer' - go ahead and sign it (if you are happy with it) and then 'Await Confirmation' from the company.

Note: The contract of employment will not take effect until after both you have signed it and the company has done the final review.

You'll receive a notification of the company’s review and confirmation of the contract of employment. Congratulations. You just landed your dream role! 🎉🎉

Note: Once you land a job, your other job applications will automatically be withdrawn, and all relevant companies will be notified by email.

Once you get to this point, you will notice that another dashboard has been added to your profile...the Hired Dashboard! You're 'on the inside' now! 🤩