Video Q&A (Question & Answer)

The Video Q&A stage is the second stage of our recruitment process and this is where you'll need to record a short video answering a set of questions pre-selected by the company at which you're applying for a role. This helps the company 'see you'.

When you have successfully completed your pre-screen questions - which is the first stage of our recruitment process - you will be moved to the second stage, which is the Video Q&A stage. You will get an email notification from Growmotely nudging you to log in to your dashboard to record your videos. 

When you log in to your dashboard, navigate to your Applications Tab. Your 'Complete Video Q&A' button should be highlighted in green. Click this button to start the process.

When you click the 'Complete Video Q&A' button, the view changes to the instructions page, which also has a guidance video and instructions...which you will need to follow.


๐Ÿ’ก It's important to watch our guidance video and / or read the instructions to ensure a smooth and successful recording โ€“ and submission โ€“ of your Q&A session videos. After watching and / or reading the instructions, click 'I UNDERSTAND' to start. When you click 'I UNDERSTAND', the screen with your questions should show up.

Before you start recording:

    • Make sure youโ€™re in a quiet space - no noise and no distractions.
    • Be sure that your microphone is turned on. 
    • Be sure that your camera is turned on and you're ready to record. 
To start recording:

        All questions that you need to answer will be displayed and you can answer them in any order. When you're ready, click the record button for any question of your choice. Your recording view will show up on your screen and when you click 'start recording', you'll get a 3-second countdown and then, you have 2 minutes to complete your recording. Once you're done, click 'stop recording'.
    Done recording?
    • You have the option to review or re-record your video. If you're satisfied with your recording, click the 'Save' button. (It could take about 5 seconds until it is highlighted.)
    • After you 'Save' all your videos, you have the option to 'Review' before submitting all of your videos. If you'd like to review, click the 'review' button. You will then get to watch - or even re-record - if you would like to do so.
    • There's an option to 'Submit All' your videos but that option will not be enabled until you have completed all recordings.
    • And finally, once you've recorded your answers for all the questions, and you're happy with your videos, go ahead and click 'Submit All'. Be sure to confirm your submission by clicking 'Yes' on the next prompt. All your videos will then be submitted and your 'Complete Video Q&A' button should be greyed out.

    You've just completed your Video Q&A! ๐Ÿ˜€