Your Benefits

Please note that as of December 01, 2022, our Benefits Program is discontinued and no further Benefits Dollars will be accrued. Current accumulated Benefits Dollars will still be available to be used, until each  remote professionals' Benefits account reaches zero


Steps outlined below only apply to remote professionals who had previously accrued Benefits balance to be used prior to the discontinuation of the Benefits program.


When logged into your Growmotely profile, click on your Perks Partners tab and check out the offerings that are available. 

  • Your Benefit Dollars amount will be visible to you at the top-right of your screen when you log into your Growmotely profile.

  • You'll be able to choose from our awesome partners to spend your Benefits Dollars.

  • You'll also be able to view a history of your Benefits spend on your profile.

When logged in, navigate to the Perks Partners and click to view an overview of our Benefits Marketplace


Clicking on View Activities will display a history of your Benefits accrual and debits.



💡 All registered Remote Professional  can take advantage of 20% and more off our Perks Partners  by using the discount code available on your Perks Partners page.